Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are You Watching the Olympics?

The Paralympics that is. The Paralympics are elite sporting events for athletes with disabilities, taking place in Beijing from Sept. 6 - 17.

These are world-class athletes who have worked and sacrificed as all Olympic athletes tend to do, but Paralympians have less support from our government than the Olympics that closed last week. Why? Read what Karaswims, a former paralympian, has to say.

If you want to watch, you will have to tune in to ParalympicSportTV on your computer. Tonight I saw The US team play Canada in wheelchair rugby. Rugby! Rugby is a rough sport, and yes, it is a rough wheelchair sport complete with falls. They have specially-made chairs used for bumping, spinning, and racing down the court - yes, court. I was fun! When I started with this post it was the half-time break with the score: USA - 24, Can - 19. I hope they win.

Read about the events at Disaboom, including blogs written by athletes participating. Support these athletes and enjoy the games.

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Kara said...

Thanks so much for the mention Vicki! Glad you are enjoying the Games too-I've gotta catch that Rugby match. I've been watching hours of swimming and I definitely have to catch up on wheelchair b-ball too. I heard from a friend this morning who called to say the men's game is phenomenal!
Have a great Sunday!