Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's the Weather?

It is important to all of us. Weather determines what we wear and sometimes when and where we go. Today is National Weatherperson's Day, honoring the men and women who analyze and predict the weather.

Every day has weather, but this day was chosen because John Jeffries was born this day in 1744. Jeffries, a physician and balloonist, made a long balloon trip Nov. 30, 1784, and took readings of the pressure and temperature as he was aloft. He was considered not only the first American to fly, but also one of the first weatherman, keeping detailed records for more than 40 years. Weather balloons are still used today -- although not usually manned flights -- and are often mistaken for UFO's (or are they?).

Weather affects more than wearing apparel and driving conditions. The Weather Channel keeps us updated on daily conditions, and also tells us about How Weather Changed History. Tonight's episode is about the Challenger disaster.

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