Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Writer's Guild

The Writer's Guild Strike is in its fourth week and we, the viewing audience, are beginning to feel it. The last strike, in 1988, lasted 22 weeks. Are we prepared to watch reruns for the four or five months? Maybe.

But maybe we won't need to worry. There is news that an agreement may be in the works. Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Blog says there is a glimmer of hope, and the strike could be settled before Christmas. Now, that's good news!

However, we know how strikes go, and Nikki reminds us this is happening in Hollywood. Nikki Finke is generally considered the best entertainment writer in Hollywood. In an earlier post, she indicated that strike play is not necessarily fair play.

Apparently Variety delivered boxes of issues to a protest where John Edwards appeared in hopes of spreading disinformation. That issue had an article saying some writers had agreed to drop the pickets and return to work regardless of an agreement, and buried information that showrunners are walking the picket line and closing down the show. A reaction note was sent to Variety by an accused group:

"As the writing staff of
The Young and The Restless gathered together to share pizza -- something we have vowed to do weekly until the strike ends -- we were incensed to read the incorrect information printed in Variety, that several writers on our show sought financial core status. Our entire writing staff of 18 is united, and we fully support our union. Not a single person who was writing for Y&R when we struck has gone core. Not one. We stand united with sore feet from picketing. Well, some of us sit. But we all do our part, and we cannot be parted.

"The Y&R writers have been asked how long the strike will last. We know it will last as long as it takes to get a fair contract. We've also been asked if Jack Abbott will prove Victor Newman is a killer. We could answer that one, but we're not going to -- because we are not writing."

It sounds as if they are standing firm and ready for whatever lays ahead. I hope the rumor is more than a rumor and a good agreement is in the works. And besides, I want to see if and how Jack proves Victor is a killer.

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