Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do Something and Tell About It

A Halloween cat made by Garry's mother out of a light bulb carries a memory. Garry's story is in Our Story, a site that encourages story writing. Why is this important?

The Halloween cat has lived with us almost 11 years which is amazing. How many light bulbs do you have that are 11 years old? We display it every Halloween and entertain our young grandchildren, and it still survives. That is one strong cat.

Now Garry wrote a sweet story, and that is important because today is Tell a Story Day. Well, actually it is Tell a Story Day in the UK, but we like UK stories. Our Story is great for today because you can read stories about all kinds of things written by all kinds of people. You can tell your own story and share it with the world community. How fun!

If you choose to tell a story today, make it a good one. Garry's story tells how the cat reminds him of his mother. She made a difference in his life and that was important to him. Today is Make A Difference Day when people work for non-profit organizations, perform community service, or even do an act of kindness that will touch someone.

Tell a story that will touch someone, read a story to a young child, or an elderly person, or a sight-impaired person. That will make a difference. Or make a new story by helping someone in your neighborhood. That will make a difference in their lives and in yours.

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