Monday, September 24, 2007

L'Oiseau Bleu

Today is National Bluebird of Happiness Day. I found a reference to this special day, but no official information, so is it really National Bluebird of Happiness Day? In the spirit of the little blue bird, I choose to believe it is.

My introduction to the bluebird of happiness was a play I read in high school, L'Oiseau Bleu by Maurice Maeterlinck for which he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1911. If I remember correctly 40+ years after reading the play, children searched far and wide for the bird and finally found it in their own yard. I apologize if I'm wrong, but it's a nice story and I choose to believe that is the story.

The little bird symbolizes peace of mind. If you, too, choose to find happiness in your own back yard and enjoy the peace of mind it brings, you might want to look into The Bluebird of Happiness Forum.

There was also a song popularized by Jan Peerce in the late 40's.

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