Monday, April 09, 2007

What is a Dyngus Anyway?

Today is Dyngus Day.

Okay, I admit I never heard of Dyngus Day, even when it is spelled Dingus Day. However, it's a big day for the Poles and Polish Americans. The origins of this day are traced way back to 966 A.D. when Polish Prince Mieszko was baptized.

Somehow, celebration has evolved from baptizing princes to splashing water on girls to start a romantic relationship. They can accompany the water sprinkling with light taping using pussy willows. Amorous boys better keep the sprinkling and pussy willow tapping light, because the girls retaliate on Tuesday with dishes!

The Dingus Day Capital of the World is -- can you guess? -- Buffalo, NY, where they stretch the festivities over a week with music, dancing, and a parade. Be sure to read the sidebar links to see successful love matches and a picture of the largest squirt gun!

Have a happy Wet Easter Monday!

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