Monday, February 05, 2007

Money, Money, Money

Have you ever needed to save for something -- something big like a new car or something more critical like your next meal? Here's some inspiration from a girl worth saving. She is learning to manage her financial future and she is sharing that lesson with us.

Kelly shows us her goals for saving, for a nest egg, and to become a savings star, and she shows us her progress. In a nice, conversational style she works through some decisions, recommends sources for financial tips both online and hard copy, and sprinkles her posts with personal experiences.

These are personal stories from a self-described average Jane, not a professional financial advisor. She is simply blogging. We can learn something or we can just enjoy her blog. And maybe give her a little support by following her in her journey. I think she's doing great.

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Kelly Bejelly said...

Vicki, thanks so much for the mention *blush *. I greatly appreciate your kind words :)